A Major Course Correction

Hi, to whoever the heck has been playing this semi-dead tech demo. I have resumed development on the game, but it's going to be majorly overhauled. Let's talk about what's changing and why:

The Controls

I am moving away from mouse-based steering to more standard keyboard steering. Because of this, the project is effectively starting from scratch. So why am I dropping what was the linchpin feature of the game? 

Basically, because it turned out to not be that fun.

It's definitely a smooth way to control a vehicle, but it's problematic for a game built around car chases. The big issue is that, for mouse steering to work, the camera needs to be pretty much locked down to an "over-the-shoulder" view. If the camera is too far away from the car, or at too harsh of an angle, then mouse steering becomes very unintuitive. 

This means significantly reduced visibility of things that aren't in front of the player. Things like cars chasing the player. So while I still believe in mouse-steering as a control scheme, it's the wrong control scheme for a game where what's behind the player is just as important as what's in front.

The A E S T H E T I C

Synthwave is out. Vaporwave is in. There's a lot of reasons for this, but frankly I'd like the finished game to speak for itself.

The Navigation

Other than the controls, this is the other biggest change: there will now be some sort of modern-style GPS for navigation. This is simply an issue of pacing: I want the driving to be fun, arcadey, and fast-paced. Stopping to read a map to figure out directions is really cool and immersive, but it kills the pacing dead. Good for an RPG, not so much for a pure action game.

I haven't settled on exactly how the navigation will be implemented, but my current thinking is to embrace the Crazy Taxi heritage and use that game's directional arrow.

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