Another Course Correction

The controls have some problems too.

This is not nearly as severe as the issues with the level design; it's more an issue of the car control as it currently exists not being very accommodating to the new design paradigm. 

Currently, the car exists as a single, rigid collider, and this collider slides along the world surface. This is a very simple and effective solution if you expect to never deal with anything but flat terrain; but even with the slopes already in the game things break down.

And some of this might be because the car was accidentally set to weigh only 50kg. For Americans, that's 110lbs.

The plan is for the controls to keep on working as they do, but feeling better, and less wonky. There's going to be some kind of "suspension" system, and the car is going to weigh more than a large dog. 

My plan is to fix the controls and upload that as Public Build 1.7 before I completely scrap the existing level design.

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