Public Build 1.5

Public Build 1.5 is now available. This represents the most significant update to the game since I started uploading builds. NOTE: Currently only the WebGL build has been updated to 1.5, the Windows downloadable will be available in the morning Downloadable now available! Link below.

As of this update, I am now considering the driving controls to be 90% complete, and ready for polishing. 

Update Log:

  1. Manual Transmission
    1. Thrust is now limited by which gear the car is in. First gear is a suitable speed for side roads, second gear works for longer streets and the Boulevard, and third gear is for when you need to go irresponsibly fast.
    2. Reverse is now a distinct gear instead of a button. The car can now only thrust backwards when in the correct gear.
    3. An explanation of the gear shifting controls can be found in the game description.
  2. Boost
    1. Boost is now modified by engine gear, making it actually viable to use.
    2. Boost now consumes Boost Energy. Currently Boost Energy can only be replenished by perfectly timed gear shifts.
    3. Driving your car outside of the appropriate range of speeds for your current gear will also deplete Boost Energy, or damage your hull integrity if you are out of energy.
  3. Strafing
    1. Strafing has been modified to be punchier, with a larger boost of initial velocity and less with the button held.
  4. Screenshake
    1. Screenshake has been added for when the vehicle is outside of the appropriate velocity or when damage is taken.
  5. Finalized Car Colliders
    1. I have finally found a collider configuration that allows the car to take slopes safely and to not GETDOWN when crossing from one collider surface to another. (It's 4 spheres in wheel position, for anyone interested).
  6. Sound Effects
    1. There are finally sound effects for various things.
    2. Currently, the following sound effects exist in the game:
      1. Shifting sounds
      2. Engine rumble when grinding gears
  7. Camera Overhaul
    1. The camera now should feel a lot more dynamic. It now responds to steering, strafing, and responds much more dramatically to acceleration.


Public Demo 168 MB
Dec 08, 2018

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