Public Build 1.3

Patch Notes for Public Build 1.3:

  • Dynamic Soundtrack System
    • Playlist of Synthwave music (and one jazzy easter egg), with a tracklist specific to each district.
    • If the song you're listening to is in the playlist of the region you're in, then the new region's playlist will begin playing at the track after the one you were listening to, preserving continuity of flow.
    • Volume control is in the pause menu.
  • Road Line Art
    • Placeholder, experimenting with methods of adding road lines.
    • Currently only exists in Maçon-Tannerie and L'Aciérie, and does not exist on surfaces which are not a part of the world geometry.
    • Current system is painted directly onto the texture. Optimal for memory, but has serious issues in terms of presentation. Almost certainly not workable solution.
  • Basic AI Test
    • The demo will spawn you near a rudimentary AI car test. Have fun with it.
  • Billboard Test
    • Basic test of a couple hologram billboards. One is in Chinatown, one is in Bridgegate (both neighbourhoods of L'Aciérie).
  • Automatic Progression of Time
    • Time will now tick forward at a rate of 1 minute every 4 seconds. This is purely for demonstration purposes and will not be present in the final release.

Later today the downloadable build will also be updated.

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