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Trafique (In Development)

12 hours. 100,000 dollars. 1 cabbie. Open-world car chase action in a vaporwave cyberpunk city. · By DStecks


Recent updates

A Major Course Correction
Hi, to whoever the heck has been playing this semi-dead tech demo. I have resumed development on the game, but it's going to be majorly overhauled. Let's talk a...
Another Course Correction
The controls have some problems too. This is not nearly as severe as the issues with the level design; it's more an issue of the car control as it currently exi...
A Course Correction
I hate the level design. It sucks. The level design in the game, as it currently exists, was a product of me trying to lay things out to a grid with no thought...
Public Build 1.6
Smaller Update. Mostly uploading for the sake of seeing if I fixed the skyboxes for WebGL purposes. The main addition is the first test of AR street signs. Curr...
1 file
Public Build 1.5
Public Build 1.5 is now available. This represents the most significant update to the game since I started uploading builds. NOTE: Currently only the WebGL buil...
1 file
Public Build 1.4
This is a fairly minor update. Most of the actual work I've done is totally behind the scenes, and hasn't been implemented yet, Nighttime Skyline The lights of...
1 file
AI Driving is Hard
I can't in good conscience call this a design log. Getting a computer to drive a hovercar is kind of a pain in the butt. That and schedule difficulties are the...
Cyberpunk and Retrofuturism
One of the first things about Trafique that was locked-in was the aesthetic. I knew I wanted it to be a very classically 80's cyberpunk look, if anything, an ou...

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