!!What you are playing is a work in progress!!

If you are coming to this game from the NSFW listing, I am sorry. It was listed there because the final game will be NSFW, but currently this is a perfectly SFW prototype.

This is a WebGL build and does not reflect how the game appears as a downloadable executable. The lighting in the browser demo is of significantly lower quality. A downloadable Windows executable version can be found below.


  • Steer with the mouse.
  • W is accelerator pedal, S is brakes.
  • A and D are strafing.
  • F flips your car to its correct orientation if it is upside down.
  • Right click to toggle interact mode, or hold right click for freelook.
  • Shift key for boost. This consumes Energy.
  • R activates nanobot repair. Currently has no function as there is no consequence for hitting 0% hull integrity.
  • Hold left mouse button to engage the shifter. Gears must be manually shifted to raise the maximum speed, or to reverse the car.
  • Shift gears when the spinner is in the gold zone to gain boost energy, but be careful: missing and shifting when the spinner is in the checkered zone will deplete your energy. Release when the spinner is in the red for a normal, no risk / no reward shift.

To take turns at speed, strafe into them to shift your momentum. You can quickly bring your car to a hard stop from a high speed by turning your car hard in one direction and hard-strafing against your momentum.

Known Issues and Bugs:

Shifting does not work in the WebGL build when running in the Safari browser. Using Chrome as an alternative is recommended. As the final game will not be released as a browser game, this issue will not be fixed.

Collisions at extremely high velocities, especially side-swiping ones, can result in the car clipping through the world. While I have a few measures planned to address this, Unity's physics engine is running at its maximum fidelity setting, so I can only do so much more to address the inherent issues of objects moving at such great velocities.

Open-World Cyberpunk Hoverdriving

Neo-Montréal, 2049. Declan Coyne is a low-level drug dealer and taxi driver with a penchant for gambling and an addiction to risk. When a big score goes bust, he finds himself without a penny to his name and $100,000 in debt to the mob, with only 7 hours to come up with the money before he takes a bullet to the head. His only hope is to embark on a wild night of crime, intrigue, lethal danger, and irate passengers. No pressure.


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